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Scout Bio's Current CKD Anemia Study

Scout Bio’s one-time injectable therapy for CKD with anemia has the potential to provide a convenient treatment that is an alternative to the stress of transfusions in the hospital and repeated hospital visits for therapeutic injections.

Our therapy has demonstrated sustained and statistically significant increases in the red blood cell counts of cats, and we have begun a clinical study for this program in veterinary patients.

Scout Bio is actively seeking to enroll cats that have been verified to be anemic and in IRIS Stage II-IV CKD to participate in our latest FDA-regulated study. This is an opportunity to offer feline patients with CKD-related anemia a new option and to be part of a dedicated team that advances a whole new area of therapy in veterinary medicine.

** NO PLACEBO is used in the study, so all cat owners will have peace of mind knowing that their cat is getting the active treatment.

How Can You Participate?


  • Cats must be verified to be anemic (PCV ≤ 25) and in IRIS Stage II – IV CKD.
  • Clients must commit to travel with their cat to the study site approximately every 2 weeks for a 84-126 day period.
  • Clients must be willing and able to provide accurate assessments of their cat’s well-being and progress.

Costs and Procedures Covered

There are no cost to owners for any study related exams, tests, or veterinary care

  • All costs of examination and any needed diagnostics and laboratory evaluations are provided at no charge by the study site for the duration of the study.
  • After the screening visit, if your cat is deemed eligible then he or she will be enrolled and at the next visit they will receive the study treatment. No cats will be given a placebo during this study.
  • Approximately every two weeks your cat must be taken to the study site for a complete physical examination. At each time point a small amount of blood will be drawn for different evaluations, some urine will be taken at the beginning and end of the study, and if needed, your cat will be given iron injections.

Study Sites

  • Manhattan, NY
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Washington, DC
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Lawrence, MA

If you live in or near one of these active study sites and are interested in enrolling your cat, please complete the questionnaire to allow us to determine if your cat may be eligible to screen.

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