Scout Bio’s mission: to harness the genetic revolution transforming human medicine to deliver the future of veterinary medicine

By combining world-leading talent in animal health and gene therapy technology, Scout has built a development platform to address major areas of unmet medical need in companion animal (pet) medicine. Scout is supported by leading life sciences investors and a partnership with the renowned Gene Therapy Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

$70 billion pet industry expenditure 2017

60% Increase in veterinary care expenditure 1988-2018

94 million cats owned, 90 million dogs owned - Data applies to U.S. only

Scout: at the cutting edge of veterinary medicine

For the first time, a new generation of animal medicines may outpace human development — and revolutionize pet care in the process. The Scout team’s mission is to lead the development of one-time gene therapies for pets, by capitalizing on:

  • Strong demand for long-lasting off-the-shelf solutions for major conditions
  • A critical mass of veterinary biotechnology and gene therapy expertise, brought together in Scout’s founding team and a partnership with the Gene Therapy Program (GTP) at the University of Pennsylvania

The evolution of pet therapeutics

  • Animals increasingly became companions with an emotional bond
  • Pet owners drove demand for treatments
  • High demand for better care through safe, longer-lasting and more targeted therapies
  • Learnings from human biologics revolution applicable to animals through innovation
  • Gene therapy research has delivered the first human therapies informed by over a decade of animal data
  • In veterinary medicine, there is continued demand for therapeutic solutions with long-lasting action, providing safe and convenient care

Gene Therapy for Animals: Key Concepts

At Scout, we’re focusing on delivering a new generation of therapies for pets to significantly improve the standard-of-care for multiple conditions. To achieve this, our technology approach is to express an appropriate level of a therapeutic protein in pet patients using adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector technology, delivered through simple intramuscular injection.


Targeting major health conditions in dogs and cats

To date, while human gene therapy has focused on rare diseases, Scout believes the opportunity in animal health begins with major areas of chronic illness where the long-term expression of a single functional protein could yield significant clinical benefits for an extended period from a single injection. This paradigm also promises significant advantages for convenience, owner compliance, and disease management. Scout’s first therapy in development focuses on the anemia associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats. CKD is one of the most common health conditions in older cats. It progresses with age and can lead to death. CKD produces a range of other associated clinical signs, including anemia.


Other therapies in development

We have already used AAV vector technology to express key therapeutic proteins in vivo across major areas as diverse as:

Pipeline as at October 2020

Animal and human health leaders in partnership

The Scout team assembles world-leading experts in:

  • animal health biotechnology
  • gene therapy design and development
  • veterinary product development
  • biotechnology investment
Board and Advisers


Scout Bio Reports Statistically Significant Clinical Outcomes for Pilot Study of SB-001 for Treatment of CKD-Associated Anemia in Felines

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Scout Bio Appoints Clinical Research Leader Dr. Anne Traas as Chief Development Officer

Scout Bio Announces $20 Million Financing to Advance Pipeline of One-time Therapies for Companion Animals


Scout Culture

At Scout, we are building a team to deliver the future of veterinary medicine. We have a unique opportunity to transform quality-of-life for millions of pets around the world and their owners. To succeed in our mission, we need to grow and foster an exciting, rewarding work environment for our team. We want to grow with people who are nimble and resourceful, passionate about animals and excited by the prospect of working at the cutting edge of genetic medicine. We draw from a global talent pool and our culture reflects this diversity: there is no one way to think or solve problems!

Job Openings

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The benefits of working at Scout include: